Join us on Saturday 22nd July from 10am-13:00 for a Yin Yoga Chakra Clearing & Intention Setting Workshop.
This fantastic workshops starts with 4 yogic breathing techniques, which pulls you out of your mind and back to that lovely space inside of you. We then venture through a Yin Yoga sequence followed by an energetic guided meditation of releasing cords or blocks stuck within each chakra.
We will then enjoy a cup of herbal tea whilst we understand how to set and intention from the heart instead of the mind and release this intention into a final Yoga Nidra. If you want to let go of something from the past, or feel more connect with your inner-self or bring a bit more yin/feminine/restorative energy back into your life than this workshop is for you.
Its normally £45 for this fantastic workshop but as a special introduction to The Haven this 1st one will be £35.
To book your spot book here or call 0118 327 2450. For more information or questions about the course please e-mail or visit

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