The Haven

The Haven

“The Haven Wellbeing Hub is one of Wokingham’s leading wellbeing therapy providers, established in 2002, then expanded to new premises in 2015 and re-branded to become The Haven Wellbeing Hub.”

Whats on offer?

The Haven offers wide range of therapies including Hypnotherapy, counselling, psychological therapy, energy healing, many forms of Massage and reflexology. We have Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and Mediation on weekly in our Studio.

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Whether it’s a treatment for chronic pain, disease, injury or for relaxation, our Practitioner will make sure that their initial consultation with you ensures that a holistic treatment plan is made, meeting your needs, and helping to achieve your expected results.

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The Haven has a beautiful holistic shop which sells beautiful organic and fair trade products including salt lamps, beauty products, essential oils, hand made silver jewellery, crystals, new age products, candles, incense and books. Contact for shop opening hours.

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