Have you heard of Sound Therapy?

We have Pina Chouhan Nagar from Spiritual Feathers in on Saturday 16th Feb from 9-1pm offering a special price of £50 for an hour Acutonics Vibrational Sound Therapy.


Acutonics Vibrational Sound Therapy uses Tuning Forks, which are applied to Acupuncture points.  When striking the Tuning Forks, a vibration & sound occur.  They are then placed on the Acupuncture points so that the vibration can travel down the point and along the Meridian line opening up the ‘chi’ or ‘energy’ to flow freely. 


The Tuning Forks aid to bring the body back into Balance and Healing.  They work on the imbalances in the Mind, Body and Emotional levels.  


This Treatment you will support you by :-

  • bringing balance to your body and soul. 
  • assisting in raising energy
  • helping you to feel relaxed and grounded
  • reduce Pain & Symptoms so that are manageable*

I was lucky enough to have a session with Pina at The Haven on Tuesday, and it was a wonderfully relaxing treatment. Firstly Pina went through an extensive consultation form with me to make sure that she was accessing the correct acupressure points so received the best results. I’d recently been fighting a cold and felt my immune system was a little low.


The session started with laying fully clothed on my stomach on the heated Haven couch. Pina moved around my body placing the vibrating tuning forks from my feet to my head, the soft humming sound and the vibration on my skin quickly lead me into a deeply relaxed state. I have had many energy and bodywork treatments and as a result, am highly tuned to changes in my body as energy and emotions shift. I felt familiar tingles and buzzing around my body as meridian cleared and the gentle involuntary muscle movements as my bottle resettled and balanced.


After a while Pina asked me to turn over then began the same procedures on the front of my body, working on feet, legs and arms and head. At some points she held the tuning fork above my skin and on others, I could feel it touching my body. Once finished I slowly sat up and had some water.


I felt very rested after but not sleepy, and once I was up I actually felt more energised. On Wednesday morning I notice all my cold systems had dissipated and I’ve had 2 great nights sleep since the treatment.


I loved my session with Pina and would highly recommend trying Sound Therapy, this weekend you could start off with a Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing Meditation on Friday night with Charlie then have a session 1-2-1 with Pina on Saturday, sounds like the perfect weekend to me.


*Please note results will vary depending on individual circumstances.

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