13th November 2015 @ 10:45 am – 11:45 am Europe/London Timezone
The Haven Wellbeing Hub
Unit 1
171 Evendons Lane, Wokingham, Berkshire RG41 4EH
United Kingdom
£50 for 5 weeks
Rebecca James
07855 684733

Mumma & Baby Post-Natal Yoga Classes with Rebecca from Sarvanga Yoga

Post-natal yoga classes are a fantastic way for new mums to stay strong and relaxed without needing to find a babysitter. These mama & baby sessions are designed to aide post-birth recovery, strengthening your abdomen, back and pelvic floor whilst encouraging you to relax, release tension and give you space to bond with your baby.
In this warm and friendly environment you will meet other mums on their post-natal journey’s exploring yoga and Pilates for you, discovering safe, easy ways of moving your hard-working body, whilst including your little one with baby yoga and baby massage Being surrounded by other new mums, you needn’t worry if you need to stop to feed, change or comfort your baby during the class.
The class is fun for baby too, from 6 weeks old up until they start crawling. We keep them entertained with baby yoga, gentle baby massage, songs and a bit of sillyness!
The first 6-8 weeks after birth is a time for adjustment and recovery. The internal organs need to resettle, our pelvic floor and abdominal muscles need time to heal, we are probably tired, adjusting to our changing roles and may suffer stress or mood swings due to hormonal rebalancing. After 6-8 weeks a specially developed yoga can help soothe you and aide you in your recovery, providing light exercise to help you strengthen, lengthen, tone and open your body, especially your back, hips, abdomen, neck and shoulders. Depending on your birth, post-partum recovery can be expected to last between 3 and 6 months.
After this 3-6 month period you might wish to resume your pre-pregnancy yoga practice. Attending the post-natal classes can help to ensure that you are best prepared to return to a stronger practice. However do not try to rush your healing process, please seek the advice of your doctor before returning to a stronger yoga practice – it is important to be careful, so even if you practised yoga before your pregnancy, listen to your body and only resume your full practice when you are ready. Remember, our internal dialogue often tries to convince us we are ready before our bodies are fully healed – be mindful! If your healing time extends beyond the 6 months, you are welcome to continue attending the post-natal sessions until it is right for you to move on. Many women remain in postnatal yoga until their baby begins crawling.
So when you are ready, why not join our regular Mama & Baby Post Natal Yoga, or focus on you in a private class.
£50 for 5 week session – Next classes start 13th Jan for 5 weeks 11am-12pm.
Please make sure you call and book your space in advance for this class. Minimum 3 people to hold the class.
(some concessions are available, please contact me to ask)
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