2nd November 2017 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm Europe/London Timezone
171 Evendons Ln
Wokingham RG41 4EH
Katie Palmer
0118 327 2450

Join us for this 2.5hr Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga workshop in Wokingham.


Learn the breathing techniques, postures and basics of Ashtanga Yoga. £30 investment – schedule for the workshop to follow

We have 2 morning Ashtanga Yoga class starting from the following week – Tuesday 7th – 1pm & Thursday 9th 9:30am.

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is a set series of postures that, with regular practice, are developed over time. By connecting with your breath and your focus, you will move through the series which starts with sun salutations, flowing from one posture in to the next and finishing the practice with Shivasana; a deep relaxation. You will learn a special breathing technique which dictates the pace, strength and depth of your practice.

With regular practice your body will become accustomed to the correct alignment, your core will strengthen, your stamina will increase and as a result the body begins to open up, becoming more supple and flexible.

Over time it will become clear that there is a lot to be discovered about Yoga. Establishing a strong and flexible physical practice is just one part. Yoga offers personal development and the healing of one’s entire being. Ashtanga yoga can be challenging yet incredibly rewarding because as you are reforming your body you are also developing a stronger sense of self. The classes are held with expert care and encouragement, with no judgments made. Egos are left at the door when we step onto the mat together!

Contact The Haven asap to Book Your Space and tickets are limited.

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