8th January 2019 @ 9:30 am – 10:45 am Europe/London Timezone
The Haven Wellbeing Hub
Unit 1-3 171 Evendons Lane Wokingham
Katie Palmer
0118 327 2450
Beginners 6 Week Yoga Foundation Course @ The Haven Wellbeing Hub

Join us for a 6 weeks foundation in Yoga course. Working with a set sequence of postures, we will explore a variety of modifications to suit each student. The familiarity of the sequence will serve to demonstrate progress and develop confidence from week to week. Over the six weeks we will find deeper expressions of the poses, whilst strengthening our connection with the breath. Our goal is progress, not perfection.

Each class begins with us connecting with our breath. It is our anchor to the present moment to support us in detaching from our day, the week so far and bringing our attention solely to our breath and movement, for our time on the mat together. Working through the sun salutations – our warm up – we will begin to connect our breath with movement; creating moving meditation. We will then explore the sequence of postures in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series. It is a grounding, calming sequence, working with poses to improve strength and flexibility in the legs, hips and spine and core work to support the back; the original, dynamic form of yoga created as a healing practice.

This course, over six consecutive weeks, will encourage greater awareness in the body. Your increased mobility will change the way you hold yourself and the practice will create strength in both body and mind, equipping you with the tools to maintain a greater sense of calm off the mat.
This course is ideally suited to new yoga practitioners, or those returning to a practice and looking to rediscover the basics.

Limited to 10 people so book early.

9:30am – 10:45am on Tuesday 8th Jan – 12th Feb £70 or if pre booked by 31st Dec 18 £60

Next Course 9:30am Tuesday 26th Feb – 2nd April

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