What is EFT, & Why Should I Try it?

EFTEFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It is also known as Tapping.
It is called Emotional Freedom Technique because it has the power to remove the domination of negative emotions over your life. Essentially it is an Energy healing process, rather than a talking therapy process although there is usually quite a bit of talking going on at the same time.
By rhythmically tapping on Meridian points on our body (see diagram), we release energy blockages in our system which allows energy to flow freely through us and this puts us in a strong state for self healing.
If you suffer from a powerful negative emotion, that emotion is always accompanied by a physical sensation of some sort, whether it is a slightly uncomfortable feeling, right up to severe physical pain.
Those physical feelings are caused by our negative emotions, they are inextricably linked together, so when we tap together and work on removing the physical symptoms, the negative emotion will go at the same time.
EFT is also incredible at creating positive states of mind. It is a technique used by many people to help them get into the state of mind that they need. By using EFT you can be confident, happy, energised, powerful, sensual, alert, responsive, loving, healing…well, you get the picture.
And it WORKS.
The great thing is, you can do this whenever you need it, and wherever you are. It is easy to learn, simple, powerful and very flexible to whatever your needs happen to be.
I have incorporated EFT into my therapy process more and more because it so good, and so successful. It is also great fun!
So why not come along to one of my monthly EFT workshops? It’s just one hour of your time and only £10 to learn the basics of this amazing technique.
Contact The Haven Wellbeing Hub to find out more. You can Book Here for a 1 to 1 session with Phil on a Monday Evening or come along to the Monthly Hour of Power from 6:30pm – 7:30pm on 2nd Tuesday of the Month. Booking Essential.
Guest Blog By Phil Gowler

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